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    Patrick Donald

    Patrick Donald

    Patrick Donald

    Patrick DonaldBorn in Dublin Patrick Donald has been photographing since 1996. In 2010 he opened a photography gallery in Dublin which showcases many of his well known iconic images of Ireland. His photography of Ireland include a wide range of Irish landscape photography Ireland, street photography and sports and music photography collections. The Ireland pictures collection make up the majority of Patrick's body of work which are available for sale in his Dawson Street Gallery. Many of his images are available as Signed and Editioned originals.  His world photography which consists mainly of street photography and portraits of different culures includes Mongolia, Cuba, India as well as many other destinations.  He creates inspiring images that are both evocative in terms of their humanistic approach and their cultural diversity.

    'I have always been very interested in how photography can help us understand the world, it can be a wonderful balance of esthetic the real emotion of everyday living'


    When it comes to the necessary evil of lugging gear around, the old adage is true that 'less is more'. The photographer's objective has to be to achieve freedom of movement so that there is less focus on the gear and more on the creative side, allowing you focus on the action. Picasso has been quoted saying that when he entered the studio to paint he left his body outside the door in the same way a monk leaves his slippers at the door. For Picasso and many fellow artists it seems that good work is produced when you are concentrating on what is happening beyond the camera and lens. I call it the 'creative zone'.

    What you carry does obviously depend on what sort of pictures you are making, sometimes a tripod is handy especially at night or for landscape images. But ultimately the best shots are taken with a small camera and not too heavy a lens, especially for street work.

    Blending in is the key and a friendly smile goes along way! It does also depend on how you use whatever camera you are using. Don't be so quick to use the motor drive, try being a bit more patient than that. My cameras at home consist of the Xpan Hasselblad panoramic film camera, Rolieflex square format 6x6 film camera, D800 with a fixed 35mm lens, although I do use a 24 to 70mm zoom that gives a nice bit of versatility. I am finding the digital end of things to be very reliable these days but on occasions I do still use the film cameras to achieve optimum effect.


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