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    India is a wonderfully vibrant country full of colours and interesting people. In 2014 Patrick Donald photographer visited Rajasthan in northern India and travelled around this vast area in search of pictures that would say something about this great nation.

    'Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer are some some the cities that I visited in my trip to Rajasthan, I was overwhelmed with how lovely the people were generally. In the areas that I went to I seldom bumped into tourists and this is when you know you are in the right sort of spots to take pictures. To some degree it is a step back in time as a lot of the trades are still using manual means of production. I recommend Indian photography for any true street photographers, it is where the great Steve McCurry made his collection of great pictures of India'. 

    Agra Street Seller
    Agra Street Seller

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