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      Patrick Donald

      Award Winning Irish Photographer


      In all the the years that I have been lucky enough to be a photographer the more I have realised that if you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at will change, this in a nutshell is why I am happiest highlightly the positive aspects of everyday life 

      Patrick Donald

      Street  & Landscape Photographer from Ireland

      Photography of Ireland

      Patrick Donald was born in Dublin in 1972. A substantial proportion of his body of works include the landscapes of Ireland and street photography of Dublin. Click through to see the portfolios all to do with this beautiful island of Ireland.

      Street Photography

      Street photography presents a wonderful challenge for photographers to perfect a skill that really harnesses the moment both in meaning and how the imagery appears on an esthetic level. These portfolios include works from Ireland as well as places like India & Cuba where Patrick has been lucky enough to have made the time to travel to and record different ways of living portrayed in his own unique and often times quirky style.

      The Motivation

      Born from a curiosity of the meaning of life, my journey as a photographer has been somewhat of a personal evaluation in understanding human emotion and feelings that we all experience to one degree or another. Our underlying motivation is one of unconditional love and understanding of each other, bridging the gap from self to selfless and oneness. Her in lyes the biggest challenge to human beings then ever before in history possibly.


      Ireland through the lens of Patrick Donald

      Patrick Donald photographer has a wonderfully diverse collection of landscape photography of Ireland. Search by county and discover a wealth of beauty the length and breadth of the country. 


      “I have a passion for making photographs, but the end goal is to feel empowered, cutting through the physical nature in the picture”

      Patrick Donald Portfolios

      As a fine art photography business our purpose is very much centred around the environment and how we connect with it using positive creative photography. How we look at our landscapes and how grateful we are of them goes some way in helping preserve the natural world we live amongst and depend.

      About Us

      A team of like minded individuals with a passion for the uplifting photography that we take pleasure in sharing. Now with our Print & Frame room in Kilkenny and for the moment at least just selling through the website. Claire, Patrick, David, Edward & Rowan