A Mongolian Way of life – Youths

A Mongolian Way of life – Youths

“Capturing Mongolia’s Timeless Equestrian Traditions Through a Photographer’s Lens”

As a documentary photographer, the time I spent with the Nomadic people in Outer Mongolia in 2006 was a remarkable insight into what it is to live sustainably and sympathetically amongst not only each other but also the environment directly and how this balance plays out in sustaining health and well being of future generations, void of greed and superficial fabrication.

In the vast landscapes of outer Mongolia, a land steeped in tradition and untouched by the hustle of modernity, a timeless connection exists between the nomadic people and their horses. This blog explores how the youth, untethered by smartphones and so called luxuries, find a profound balance with nature, providing photographers with abundant natural moments to capture the essence of being one together on the journey.

A Glimpse into Mongolian Horse Culture: Embark on a journey into the heart of Mongolia’s equestrian traditions, where horses are not just animals but steadfast companions in the nomadic way of life. Explore the deep bond between the nomadic youths and their horses, a connection is woven into their daily existence, leaving both the horse and the human better off for the experience.

A Youth Without Phones: Imagine a world free from the constant buzz of technology; that is the way that many Nomads in Mongolia still live.  This unique perspective allows a bounty of benefits to the resulting health of the indigenous people, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their surroundings’ natural rhythms without the pull and addictive nature of phones, etc…

Nature’s Classroom – Balancing Health and Happiness: The benefits of this natural integration with the land and particularly with one another and, of course, the horse and all it has to offer to allow a sympathetic and healthy coexistence that is in line with nature itself, and therefore the result is a sustainable and rewarding feeling of fitting in amongst the very fabric that gives us life in the first place.

The Canvas of Natural Moments for Photographers: This balance with nature has its energy aligned to the extent that making the pictures is undoubtedly a seamless progression that yields soulful images and allows a more profound truth to reveal itself beyond the fabric of words.

Preserving Heritage Through Photography: So why is it essential to record the excellent nature of my findings in Mongolia I ask myself? They may serve as an artefact of the way of life that may eventually dissipate due to globalised engines of change, consumer-driven policies, greed, etc.

The timeless story of these beautiful humans existing amongst a meaningful relationship between land, horses and the natural world may leave the documentary photographer yearning for the simple living template of living, less about the material world we have become so accustomed to. The camera serves as a reflection window into what has been and leaves the potential to broaden the scope of existence and lead by example in a world of temptations to leave. Lasting legacy and symbiosis that we can be proud of. Period

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