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    Note: You can add images to the wishlist and send your selection to us.


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      Note: You can add images to the wishlist and send your selection to us.


      About Us


      The reason why we are are proud to be doing what we do at Patrick Donald Photography, was born from Patrick’s persistence to pursue his passion of making pictures and convey positivity through his work. Whilst on the surface they are aesthetically generally quite pleasing, please be mindful that that is only the hook to be drawn to the work. On closer inspection the real goal is to cut through to a deeper more meaningful journey of the emotional limitless mind. His mindful reasoning that lies behind the works can only be good for the soul.

      We are passionate about the positive aspects of life that can enhance the viewers experience in an honest & realistic way through photography. The mindful act of taking a picture is the starting point of our message, this then leads us to how we choose to finish the works as limited edition hand signed fine art photography for one and all to enjoy.” 

      “Our team are on board with Patrick’s vision and fine art approach both in production and depth of work as we strive to enrich peoples lives with, which we would hope will have a knock on positive affect in your lives”

      The Purpose of our Photography

      We are best known  for making pictures of uplifting and meaningful content. We then produce unique and professionally finished & editioned fine prints that transport the viewer to a place beyond the scene and we hope invoke a deep positive emotion of feeling that gives us more connection as one together on this journey. This sense of global empathy, unconditional love, oness is at the very root of our being.

      Meet The Team

      “Our goal is to best serve the purpose & vision of the company and we take pleasure in that quest”

      Patrick Donald

      Patrick Donald

      Owner & Photographer

      ‘I have always been interested in how photography can help us understand the world, it is a wonderful balance of aesthetic & the real emotion of everyday living’

      Claire White

      Claire White


      Claire is my partner both in business and life, we have two adorable boys together and share a love of life through the medium of photography.

      David Meaney

      David Meaney

      Framer & Printer

      David works along side Patrick though each phase of production to realise the finished framed pieces. 

      Let’s discuss your project

      If you would like to contact us about anything that is fine art photographic we would be delighted to hear from you. See you on the other side!

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