Artists Biography

Patrick Donald

Fine Art Photographer

As a self taught landscape and documentary photographer of Ireland for over 25 years he sees himself as a modern day hunter, tracking down what is perceived to be attractive grateful aspects of the way we live and balance of compositions that can be found on the Island of Ireland, that strike a cord with the human emotion within us. He has become synonymous with Classic black and white images of Irelands rich and varied landscape, majestic seascapes of the Wild Atlantic Way and of course many iconic images of Dublin where he was born.

His work overseas in Mongolia, Cuba and India to name a few that he has photographed over the years show a cross section of cultures in his unique style of street photojournalist style documenting. The good natured human life that can be found and made still in a picture as they go about their business in their natural environment.


“I have always been very interested in how photography can help us understand the precious world we live in, it is a responsibility as a documentary photographer to appreciate and be grateful of our surroundings, that to me is the ultimate message and well worth sharing”

On location

On location in the wilder areas of Ireland can be the ultimate feeling of freedom for me as a photographer. When I look through the lens I am transported to the feeling that the chosen scene is giving back to me. My intuition of position of take and desire to optimise the view point is all part of the dance amongst the ever changing elements of the Irish weather and landscape. It roots me in the moment as I mindfully settle myself into the ‘present moment’ where all pictures are made. The success of image taken depends upon how consciously present you are when the shutter is realised, when the heart and head are aligned…. the magic of the medium comes alive for all to see.

Patrick Donald Shadow

1993: My First Photograph

Having spent the day previous in a Library in Dublin looking with amazement through some beautiful books of Ansel Adams, I was in my car at 5 am the following day heading to Glendalough Co Wicklow.

1994: First Darkroom

It was in a small bathroom in the basement of my parents house with no real ventilation, but I was grateful for it and started an excitement in me that continues to this day. Thank you sincerely Mum & Dad for your patience and love.

1997: First Twin Reflex

What a wonderful film camera which still gives me great pleasure.

2008: Cuba

Packed up my two favourite film cameras and plenty of film and headed to one of my favourite Caribbean Islands Cuba where I was very much welcomed. It was a true street photography experience.

2008: Irish Arts Review & Royal Bank of Scotland Award

With the works that I made in Cuba I had an exhibition in the Monster Truck Gallery, won an award in the RHA Dublin and was chosen to feature this image on the front cover of The Irish Arts Review.

2009: First Gallery

What started as a pop up shop for Christmas turned into a decade of selling my works to the public. Thank you sincerely to those who supported us over those great years.

2013: Mindful Photography

This is when I realised that photography was going to be a lifelong vocation to expressing mother nature’s voice, and in it’s expression I would present and share positive aspects of it in order to show how grateful we all can be of it.

2014: India

Spent two months traveling the Northern areas of Rajasthan immersing myself in the culture and making pictures of its inhabitants. A superb experience.

2020: Covid Closure

Sad to close a chapter on the Patrick Donald Gallery on Dawson St. but very grateful for the 10 years we had at the location. Currently we are online only but open to this new normal!

2020: Online Made Easy

We are delighted to offer you our full collection of portfolios here on this website. We would like to work with you closely if you have any projects that may work well with our fine art photography.

“As a photographer there is a certain responsibility and environmental roll we can play in focusing on what is worth preserving, this is the challenge for everyone really”