Black and White Photography on Fathers Day

Black and White Photography on Fathers Day

On Sunday, we travelled to the Copper Coast, Waterford as a family, and as it was a good day, I brought my camera. No big deal, right? I am a photographer. Often time it does not work to mix family and work but let’s say that when it feels right, sometimes it is right. On this occasion, it was. They were having fun on a rock and I was photographing towards them and the sun, which I find lends itself to black and white images with interesting impact due to the contrasting lighting conditions adding dramatic effect. Especially in the varied lighting conditions of the landscapes of Ireland.

I enjoy the metaphorical feeling of this particular photograph regarding how kids are growing up, particularly today in a busy world that can drag you out of the moment and into more of a survival mode of habitual reactions. It shows everything that matters in one image… nature, family and photography. We are blessed to have the resource of our coastline around Ireland and make a point to spend time in it.  It makes so much sense how we have become divorced from nature through the usual run of modern living. So grounding ourselves back amongst the natural surroundings of nature gives us every chance to be present and grateful enough to recalibrate, and is a privilege to do with one’s offspring.

I made quite a few images as the sun went down on the horizon, and we all went for a swim which continued the timeless feeling of being at one with nature. Our Father’s Day experience was very much enjoyed by all of us.

The boys are both very creative and certainly have an eye for composition. I am very proud of the two of them, and it gives me a lot of pleasure to see them growing up so well among the temptations of this world as it is presently.

This more fine art photography is available on the website for sale as framed and unframed pieces that can be sent anywhere in the world along with a card that we can include if it is a gift for a friend.