“Capturing Consciousness: The Alchemy of Photography”

“Capturing Consciousness: The Alchemy of Photography”

When I press the shutter, it’s not just about freezing a moment in time; it’s a connection to a broader awareness that envelops both sides of the camera. In the act of photography, I sense a profound link to the constant attention that defines our human experience.

The lens becomes a bridge, effortlessly weaving together the finite arrangement of matter within the frame with the infinite expanse of our consciousness. Amidst the distractions of a material mindset, capturing a still image feels like a moment where awareness transcends, connecting the dots of what it means to be human in the virtual experience of material validation we all hold dear to.

As an image is composed, I sense an unspoken need for expression—an exploration of the vast possibilities that the universe holds while having a healthy understanding of the possibilities that may come about in sharing the work, which may have many opportunities to be received favourably.

The resulting images become vessels of channelled energy during the act of creating and an opportunity to be heard through a more profound sense of expression. This prompts reflection on deciding what to photograph or create artistically. Does the artist’s incentive to produce work diminish its inherent value? And who, in the end, serves as the judge?

Perhaps the essence lies in the delicate balance—feeling incentivised to create while resisting the temptation to quantify worth solely through external validation. It involves recognising oneself as the alchemist, allowing the work to find its path to potential buyers without being overly attached to the outcome, which takes a certain mindset in a monetarily driven world.

This introspective journey begs the question: Is it about having faith in the intrinsic value of one’s work and navigating the delicate dance between creation and reception without projecting too much onto the finished piece?

As I share this reflection, I invite you to explore the images and artworks on my website. You may find resonance in the captured moments and perhaps, like me, discover the subtle alchemy laced within the dots on the page.

If you are interested, please explore the Alchemy of Photography on this website.

Bye for now, Patrick Donald

The image in this blog was taken at The Patrick Donald Gallery on Dawson Street, Dublin 2010 – 2020