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      Counties Of Ireland

      Ireland is a small photogenic island on the west coast of Europe with many redeeming geographical features. We are blessed with a diversity of weather conditions here being so exposed to the elements coming in off the Wild Atlantic ocean, this is certainly a large part of what potential opportunity arises in the changing light and elements.

      “As a Landscape photographer what better place to be born and live than beautiful Ireland and to be in a perfect situation in order to record landscape photographs of Ireland. I have been magnetically drawn to photograph the beautiful landscapes of Ireland in its diverse light and changing seasons across this abundant mystical island”

      Ireland is a magically photograph friendly destination that many people who have originated from here have an affinity with on a very deep and emotional level. For a small country it boasts a variation of beautiful views across its abundant and wildly rugged landscape.

      Photographer Patrick Donald has developed a oneness to the natural topography and history of this significant country. As with all of his works it is most expressive when a scene is made on a certain emotional level that is felt at the moment of realising the picture. It is this empathy and emotion that is most notable in the final piece, and what might be felt through ones persons eyes may not be the same as what is felt through another but a heightened sense of presence and emotion is the goal. It’s massage is one of preservation and appreciation of the laws of nature on this island that is conveyed on that emotional level in the content within the photographs. His traditional straight approach to his work means that the views are accessible and have a depth and sense of feeling as if you are actually at the location in his chosen view point amongst the Irish Landscape, feeling a sentiment that is more than the sum of the parts within the scene and transcends the particles into so much more in the emotional interpretation within our hearts and minds.

      Of the 32 counties on the Island of Ireland there are a number that stand out as being the most photogenic, that is not to say that the very essence of the Island of Ireland would not be found in a quite undiscovered corner of another county that is not mentioned!. In order of the photographers preference as follows.

      • • •

      County Kerry landscape is particularly easy on the eye when it comes to photography, and would be high on most peoples list when visiting Ireland. The Ring of Kerry boasts some epic scenery and the Dingle peninsula loop is one of Patrick’s favourite areas in the whole of Ireland. The Skellig Islands are a stunning experience and well worth a photographic trip while in Kerry. 

      Wicklow is called the ‘Garden of Ireland’ and photography opertunities are plentiful across this county. None more than the Glendalough area, set amongst rolling hills the lakes are flanked by abundant forest and natural flora and fauna that at certain times of the year are full of insect life amongst the heather and colourful shrubbery.

      Galway photography is another favourite of Patrick’s landscape photography trips, primarily the beautiful Connemara area which has picturesque fishing villages including lovely Roundstone, beaches and coves that face towards the wild Atlantic ocean. On a good sunny day there is nowhere better to be amongst the ever changing natural landscapes of Galway which very much includes the twelve Bens mountain range at its heart that can be seen for miles around but most elegantly from a photographic point of view along the Old Bog Road which runs from Roundstone to Clifden across and through wet boglands. From Clifden travel out the Sky road which gives wonderful elevated views of the coastline below especially when the sun is setting.

      Cork is another very special county in the South West of Ireland that has epic scenery that any photographer would certainly enjoy visiting. West Cork photography has all that is needed to incapsulate that true Irish essence that brings joy to the onlooker. A well taken photograph transports the viewer to the scene and lifts them emotionally as there body chemistry reacts literally as if they are at the scene. That is what I am loving about my work in so far as what it can achieve in changing ones state of feeling and then to also encourage a feeling of timelessness only really achieved by successfully quietening the conditioned mind.

      Kilkenny is a stunningly beautiful county in the sunny south east of Ireland where Patrick now lives. From the historical town of Kilkenny itself including Kilkenny Castle to the many significant villages scattered across particularly the southern areas of the county Graigueamanagh, Thomastown and Inistioge to mention a few are of particular note due to there proximity to major rivers and historical reference and of course amongst a blanket of rolling hills synonymise of the avocative nature of the true Irish landscape we know and love.    

      Co Mayo is a largely untraveled overlooked county but yet very much unique in the variation of scenery that has many redeeming features along its stunning coastline, well known for its salmon fishing rivers and lakes its vast boglands and wild natural areas make it a treat to visit.

      Ireland generally has a temperate climate but does also very different from season to season. From the patchwork green fields in every shade at the start of Summer to the blanket of snow that can be found during the short days in the winter months. Autumn time is also a very beautiful time of year for landscape photographers to paint with the natural light especially through the tree lined avenues of copper leaves lining the county roads Ireland is a so well known for.

      LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY of Ireland has been my main interest over the last two decades mainly due to my interest in nature and how the physical landscape is shaped by the laws of nature that also have a hand in our human manifestation of which I am obviously hugely grateful.  Believe that preserving and appreciating the natural flow of nature will bring a new awareness and understanding of ourselves that brings poignancy to our ever present moment in a new awakened state that gives you everything that you ever need at any given moment so as not to be defined by your past nor attached to a future, but present and very much a part of nature in all its glory and natural flow.

      Note: I think we need to look squarely at the counties as being the way people find images to purchase. Sligo photography etc etc. thanks Tommy

      Towards Portlaoise, Rock of Dunamaise, Co. Laois
      View of Portlaoise from the Rock of Dunamaise, Co. Laois
      Adare Castle Limerick
      Barley Lake, Glengarriff
      Glendalough Lake 2013 Wicklow
      Powerscourt Waterfall, Co. Wicklow