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    Note: You can add images to the wishlist and send your selection to us.


    Email Us About this Wishlist

      Note: You can add images to the wishlist and send your selection to us.


      Creative Commissions

      Process and Execution:

      You may have an interest in creating a unique set pictures of a specific place, a particular beach, a pub or even an Island. These are prime examples of commissions that are asked for and that I as a photographer am happy to consider. I do my utmost to realise your expectations and often have to visit a number of times to achieve it. Just to give you a brief outline of what I am looking to achieve in this process.


      I will be looking to provide you with an original piece of photography that will deliver on your expectations but in my traditional photography style approach. In doing this I will require a certain amount of time in appropriate weather.

      What we require from you:

      • Find out as much information as possible from the client as to what they are hoping to eventually receive in the final prints or publication.
      • Please give the specific location, a map is often helpful.
      • Black & White or Colour images required.
      • The price will be estimated depending on the estimated works involved.
      • Time Frame you require the images by?
      • Are you interested in a beautifully Printed & Framed finished pieces ready to be hung in your home, if so what sizes are you looking for and many had you in mind?
      • Typically you are looking at a 4/5 week turn around for a Landscape photograph of Ireland and 2/3 weeks for a Dublin City photograph..Depending on time of year)

      Let’s discuss your project

      Please fill out the following form to submit your interest, Patrick will call you within a couple of Days with a break down of what would be involved etc.

      Patrick Donald Portfolios

      As a fine art photography business our purpose is very much centred around the environment and how we connect with it using positive creative photography. How we look at our landscapes and how grateful we are of them goes some way in helping preserve the natural world we live amongst and depend.

      About Us

      A team of like minded individuals with a passion for the uplifting photography that we take pleasure in sharing. Now with our Print & Frame room in Kilkenny and for the moment at least just selling through the website. Claire, Patrick, David, Edward & Rowan