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      ‘Colour photography of Ireland’

      The natural colour in Patrick’s photography brings to life an aesthetic that the beautiful country of Ireland expresses every day from season to season. It is these nuances and often times vibrant, sometimes Mediterranean feel brings joy and celebration to many of his pictures in this collection. Patricks technique involves realising the black and white tones and textures in the scene using specialised software and then introduces certain colours in the original scene layered back on top to give an certain edge to the images. The resulting images reveal an impact that is particular to his original feeling as he faced the scene at the particular moment of realising the photograph. Although Patricks is best known for his black and white works, his collection of colour images of the landscapes of Ireland have a certain draw that have their place amongst some of his best and most popular works.

      As my career started with taking pictures using black and white film cameras and a certain understanding of method and traditional technique was a great grounding in being more methodical in approaching the photographic process. Fast forward to now and using the very versatile digital cameras of today certainly gives a flexibility that frees the photographer from the old darkroom days of ‘burning and dodging’ and also means that beautiful colour images can also be realised using high quality digital cameras and computers. Ultimately the goal is to represent the landscape in its true form and feeling as interpreted by the photographer, colour photography can sometimes help in this representation of how a place feels and certainly digital can give you more options to express that sentiment.  

      Doonloughan Beach Connemara

      The Road Less Travelled
      Killary Harbour Sunset
      Cliffs of Moher Co Clare
      Lahinch Beach Sunset Co Clare
      Beautiful Inistioge, Co Kilkenny