Landscape photography of Co Dublin

Landscape photography of Co Dublin

Landscape photography of Dublin offers a superb photographic opportunity to capture the city’s diverse scenery. Here are some iconic Dublin locations from the Patrick Donald collection that are popular on this website.

  1. The Samuel Beckett Bridge is a striking architectural marvel and provides a unique landscape photography perspective. Its elegant and contemporary design, spanning the River Liffey, creates a beautiful juxtaposition against the surrounding cityscape.
  2. The Ha’penny Bridge, officially known as the Liffey Bridge, is an iconic Dublin landmark. Its elegant curves and historic charm offer a perfect subject for capturing the essence of Dublin’s river Liffey front. Photographing the bridge during sunrise or sunset can create stunning silhouettes against the skies.
  3. The Poolbeg Lighthouse, situated at the entrance of Dublin Bay, is a popular subject for landscape photographers. The red and white striped tower, set against the backdrop of the sea and sky, creates a striking contrast. Photographing the lighthouse during low tide can reveal expansive mudflats, offering unique textures and patterns extending to Sandymount, especially at low tide.
  4. Howth, located just outside of Dublin, offers breathtaking coastal landscapes. Cliff walks, sweeping views of the Irish Sea, and the charming harbour make it an ideal location for capturing the rugged beauty of Dublin’s coastline. Sunsets over the cliffs and fishing boats returning to the harbour are particularly photogenic opportunities.
  5. Phoenix Park, with its vast green spaces and diverse landscapes, provides numerous opportunities for landscape photography. From tranquil lakes to enchanting woodlands, the park offers a range of subjects and compositions. Capturing the wildlife within the park, such as deer or birds, can add an extra element of interest to your photographs.
  6. Dublin Mountains: The Dublin Mountains, located southwest of the city, offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. From elevated viewpoints like Ticknock or the Hellfire Club, photographers can capture panoramic vistas of Dublin, including the city skyline, rolling hills, and patches of hilly greenery.
  7. Dun Laoghaire Harbour and the surrounding area is an absolute gem to visit and boasts many opportunities for image making, of which we have a wide selection that captivates the emotion of the land and sea.

Patrick’s collection brings you on an epic journey through the diverse areas of county Dublin and landscape vistas nearer to the city centre. It was where he grew up, offering a substantial part of his portfolio work from his unique perspective.

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Featured image is taken at Howth Harbour Co Dublin. All prints available on this website. Thank you