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      Landscapes Of Dublin

      Landscapes of Dublin

      The Landscapes of Dublin photography collection consists of many of the well-known areas in Co. Dublin including Howth Harbour, Clontarf, Dublin Bay, Poolbeg Chimneys, Sandymount, Dun Laoghaire, and Dalkey. The images give a fresh and open understanding of how beautiful Dublin coast actually is. Many of the pictures are taken on a wide format camera which works well with the panoramic views Dublin is well known for. There are a mixture of colour a black a white in this portfolio consisting of well composed a well thought out subject matter to bring you a clean easy on the eye representation of many of the popular locations.

      Patrick is currently working on a book of the Landscapes of Dublin which have come together nicely over many years of photographing the many beautiful areas of County Dublin. Dublin Bay is the backdrop to many of the coastal images and at its centre is the Great South wall which extends out from Poolbeg chimneys, a peninsula bisecting Dublin Bay in the form of a manmade seawall of approx. 2km. Poolbeg lighthouse is at the end of it and boasts 3600 views all around the Bay, a superb viewing point especially for photographers.

      Other areas included in this collection include the Phoenix Park Dublin which is the home to Dublin zoo and a large breed of deer as well as the Wellington monument and many areas of natural beauty including a spectacular mature trees and wide open green spaces.

      Clontarf located on the northern side of Dublin and has many scenic views that people love to visit, many of which are in clear view of Dublin Bay towards Poolbeg peninsula and Great South wall. Patricks photographs of Clontarf and surrounding areas are of particular note and among his most popular images in his photographic archive.

      Dun Laoghaire Harbour Walk
      Howth Lighthouse
      Great South Wall, Co Dublin
      Dalkey Island, Co Dublin
      Coliemore Harbour Dalkey Island
      Phoenix Park Dublin Winter Scene 2010