My Passion for Photography Started here…..

My Passion for Photography Started here…..

Glendalough Co Wicklow around 1995/96 – On a winter morning at first light – 

I woke up at 5 AM and began my first landscape photography trip. My camera gear was all set, and I skipped breakfast, eager to reach Glendalough. The day before, I had spent some time at the Ilac Library in Dublin, where I had found some of Ansel Adams’ large-format books showcasing Yosemite National Park. I was in awe of his work, so much so that it ignited my creative side to make some photography of my own.

That day, armed with my Minolta film camera and zoom lens with black and white Ilford film loaded, I began a lifelong commitment to documenting Ireland’s landscapes. Over time, I would realise my more profound passion for photographing life in general as a fine art Documentary photographer, particularly in monochrome.

As you can imagine I am forever grateful to Ansel for his amazing contribution to the Art of picture-making. The ethereal majesty of his pictures makes perfect sense to me and they leave you in the timeless space that all wonderful artworks should do.    Thank you. 

Patrick Donald Photographer