Photography and why one takes pictures is so important

Photography and why one takes pictures is so important

A day spent in the Kerry landscape is worthwhile with or without your camera, and for me, being a fine art photographer is a great excuse to spend time in the great outdoors amongst our greatest mentor ‘Nature’ and, in this case, particularly Derrynane Beach and Ballinskelligs Castle. It was New Year’s Eve, and what better time to reflect and appreciate the passing year and prepare for a year of productive activities that feed the purpose of why I take photographs of Ireland in the first place? Of course, it is similar to any other artist as our job is to make work and then give it away. I think it was Picasso that said that. This year, I will fully embrace why I took up photography in the first place to appreciate this fulfilling process of non-attachment to outcome primarily. It will be less about the place the pictures have been taken and more about the universal feeling that does not entertain constructs but, moreover, will hopefully ignite a warm, fussy feeling in your solar plexus. Quite often, it can be hard to put words for it, and it is best left unanalysed and just let the feeling rise.

As a photographer, I see making work is an act of self-love, to allow as opposed to in any way force. I have been needy of external validation for too long in the past, and in this act of neediness, a finite misunderstanding can be learned. Instead returning to a healthy moment of clarity of how I feel when making the pictures is so important to allow the pictures to come to you instead of chasing the delicate balance of manifesting anything at that moment. It always seems to return to gratefulness for the moment and forgiveness, leaving room then for new amazing things to unfold in your life.

The reason why I was down that way near Waterville in Kerry was to celebrate Noelle Cambell-Sharp’s 80th birthday. And what a lovely few days it was with close friends and family.

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Happy New Year!

Patrick Donald

Note: The image above is Derrynane Beach, available soon from this website only.