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      Twelve Bens Mountain Range Connemara Galway

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      Patricks images are edited, printed and framed in the Patrick Donald studios in Co Kilkenny where he lives using state of the art equipment to give lasting results. They should give the timeless feeling of when the image was taken and if you are not satisfied we offer a full refund and exchanges are certainly possible.

      For 10 years we had a gallery on Dawson St. and were happy to serve many customers over those years and on the back of that reputation we are delighted to continue that offering using our very reliable postage & packaging shipping service and or Click & Collect Dublin or Kilkenny options.


      Patrick Donald Founder

      “My purpose as a photographer is to make images that will bring a smile to the viewers face and connect on a level that builds a connection to nature and one another. Surrounding yourself with the ones you love and places of significance or even just a positive emotional response to any art for that matter makes all the difference to our everyday lives.”

      Patrick Donald Open Edition Prints

      The Open Prints that are available on this website are printed by the Patrick Donald Estate and are produced under the watchful eye of his team in Kilkenny. Printed using high quality inkjet technologies, which result in clear well exposed prints. Stamped with the Patrick Donald Photography studio seal of approval embosser. Contact Us here for Signed & Editioned direct from Patrick

      Acrylic Finish

      A durable & contemporary way of producing a high quality finish. Unlike a the traditional framing option, it brings the image cleanly to the edge. It is mounted under acrylic glass gives a look that brings out maximum clarity and vibrancy in the image. The sub-mount framework to the rear is hidden, and keeps the image away from the wall which also adds to its aesthetic. Accompanied by Certificate.

      Finishing Touches

      All printing and framing is completed by us in the Kilkenny Patrick Donald Studios where every aspect of the finished pieces are made. We send framed pieces around the world we have a reliable Postage & Packaging that has an amazing track record, so you can be sure your order will arrive safely.