Mentoring for Photographers

My help to you will be straight from my heart, much like in the same way I make pictures, all about a feeling in the moment, than and over worked thought.

Patrick Donald is an Irish award winning documentary Fine Art Photographer who specialises in Landscape Photography of Ireland and street Photography mentoring for photographers.

This service caters for both Professionals or Amateur photographers who are looking to have an appraisal of their work. I have been in the business of photography for almost 20 years and have a good idea about avenues of making a living but primarily we would be focusing on a direction for you and how you can stand out with your own particular way of seeing things.

A fresh honest eye over your work can open up many new avenues of growth, my job is to guide you to that reality and opportunity that awaits you. If the right questions are asked of ourselves as photographers we can really contribute in a meaningful way to the perspective of those who see our works. Then the images will do all the hard work as they sit silently animating your message in the impactful images that you have in your work.

Just to be clear in relation to the type of photographers I can help: My type of work is all about being guided to a picture through intuition and feeling as opposed to setting up or making photographs with a preconceived idea, quite the opposite in fact. If that sounds like your direction then I can work with you and I would be delighted to do so.

All of my sessions are One to One

Session Pricing

  • Skype or Zoom
  • One x 90 mins  €250
  • Three x 90 mins  €650
  • Five x 90 mins €950
  • Ten x 90 mins  €1500

In person Option to  visit me in Inistioge in Kilkenny:

Two Days / One night  €1000

Includes accommodation and food and plenty of time to see how I work and ask questions and generally shoot the breeze and pictures together.

Please contact Patrick and we can schedule a call for any of the above services that we are offering. Either way keep on shooting and keep on learning!