The Long Hall, Arthurs Day 2009

The Long Hall, Arthurs Day 2009

One of Patrick’s photographs captures the spirit of Ireland and was taken in this infamous bar when a toast was organised across Ireland. Arthur’s Day was particularly significant as it marked the 250th anniversary of the Guinness brand. The celebration occurred all over Ireland, including various events, concerts, and special promotions in pubs and venues nationwide. People gathered to raise their glasses in tribute to Arthur Guinness and celebrate the rich cultural heritage associated with Guinness and Irish pubs.

Arthur’s Day is a commemorative event organised by the Guinness Brewery to celebrate the legacy of Arthur Guinness, the founder of the Guinness brand. It is held annually on the 24th of September, 1759, when Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease for the famous St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin.

The Long Hall, Dublin, and Arthur’s Day 2009 are significant elements that intertwine to create a memorable moment in Irish history, particularly in the context of the renowned Guinness brand and its iconic beverage. Patrick Donald was there to capture this historic moment. The Long Hall is a landmark and beloved pub on South Great George’s Street in Dublin, Ireland. Established in 1766, it has earned a reputation for being one of Dublin’s most iconic and charming traditional pubs. The Long Hall is known for its beautiful Victorian interior, ornate woodwork, mirrored walls, stained glass windows, and a long polished bar. It exudes an authentic atmosphere that immerses visitors in the rich history, and the photography of this Dublin pub is always enjoyable.

The Long Hall and Arthur’s Day 2009: As one of Dublin’s most iconic and historic pubs, The Long Hall played a significant role in the celebrations of Arthur’s Day 2009. The pub likely hosted a special event or welcomed locals and tourists alike to join in the festivities, raising their pints of Guinness in honour of the brand’s 250 years of existence.

As a fine art documentary photographer, Patrick Donald was in the right place at the right time to make this iconic pub image taken in black and white that has been used even on the whole of the pub’s front window but also proved very popular in his Gallery on Dawson street for many years. The black-and-white image works nicely with this for obvious reasons of nostalgia and the beer itself. Capturing the magic of this unique event and the cultural significance of The Long Hall on Arthur’s Day 2009 provided an opportunity to create impactful images that celebrate Irish heritage and the spirit of togetherness in the heart of Dublin’s historic pub scene. The atmosphere of The Long Hall on that night was electric and presented an excellent photographic opportunity that has been invaluable in preserving the essence of this historical moment in Irish pub culture. The combination of the pub’s Victorian charm, the celebratory spirit of Arthur’s Day, and the iconic pint of Guinness in hand made for compelling images to cherish, showcasing the strong connection between the Irish people, their beloved pubs, and the world-famous Guinness beer, and what a night it was.